Spotify USA: Instant Invites for Free

July 17th, 2011 by Lars Johansson

Are you in the United States? Are you excited about the launch of Spotify? Can’t you wait for your turn? Well, I may be able to help you since I am giving away 100 invites for Spotify. First come, first serve. These invites work in USA.

All you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post, and if I have any invite left I’ll make sure to give you one. I will send it to the e-mail address that you provide.

Note! Spotify is not available on all markets. These invites are for USA.

What the invite gives you, for free:

“With an invite, enjoy on-demand, buffer-free access to over 15 million songs on your computer and great social features. Manage your own music files through Spotify, and sync with your cellphone or iPod. Features occasional advertising.”

Five reasons why Spotify rocks

1. Instant access to millions of songs. No downloading required, and the sound quality is high. It’s 100% legal too.

2. You may add songs you own, and you can sync with other devices.

3. Connect to and Facebook. See your friends, and the playlists they share.

4. Share songs to Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and directly to other Spotify users.

5. You may even purchase songs if you want to own them, though with perfect streaming it’s difficult to see the need for it.

If you at some point opt for a subscription, you can even take songs with you on the go, or store them and play them offline.

Me? I’m hooked. I have a paid subscription already.

So what are you waiting for? Leave me a comment and I’ll send you an invite if you’re one of the first 100 to ask for one. You could be getting an invite now!

The invite will come from “twolittleducks.”

I will hand out invites in the order you’ve commented. Please +1, like, tweet, etc. to spread the word to your friends. They deserve an invite too! After all, Spotify becomes even more fun if you have someone to share playlists with.

Note! Spotify is not available on all markets. These invites are for USA.

Also note: Invites not used within 24 hours will be given to someone else. This is to ensure they get used.

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  1. Sandra Lops Says:

    May I please have an invite?
    I’ve been wanting to use spotify and this is my only chance!

  2. Lars Johansson Says:

    Done! You’re invited!

  3. Kim Says:

    May I please have an invite? Thanks :)

  4. Lars Johansson Says:


  5. Joseph Says:

    I’d love an invite to try this out. I wonder how it compares to my Grooveshark Anywhere subscription.

  6. Mike Beavers Says:

    I would greatly appreciate an invit if possible. Thank you!

  7. Jason Says:

    I’d love an invite, this seems like a great service!

  8. Sarah Says:

    May I also have an invite please! Thanks!

  9. Patty Says:

    Looking forward to an invite

  10. Lars Johansson Says:

    Joseph, Mike, Jason, Patty and Sarah–your invites are sent too!

  11. kevin Says:

    Thanks man, you rooooock.

  12. JAmes Says:

    I won’t lie. I just want the invite

  13. Lars Johansson Says:

    Kevin and James. You’re set!

  14. kevin Says:

    Thanks again man! I RT this to my 700+ followers! Rock on!

  15. Tara Says:

    I would love an invite! Will Apple be able to compete?

  16. Jeff Says:

    Can I have an invite too? Thanks

  17. Mike Green Says:

    can i get an invite !!!

  18. Lars Johansson Says:

    Tara, Jeff, and Mike.
    Enjoy Spotify too!

  19. Dan Says:

    May I have an invite! Thanks so much.

  20. Sarah Says:

    Thanks so much!

  21. Nick Says:

    I cant wait to use spotify

  22. Jeff Says:

    Thanks! Works great!

  23. Lars Johansson Says:

    Nick and Dan.
    Start making playlists!

  24. CyberPlayGround Says:

    May I please have a spotify invite token?

    appreciate it.

    Educational CyberPlayGround

  25. ray young Says:

    very generous of you thanks for the invite

  26. Lars Says:

    Two more sent out!

  27. Denise Says:

    I can’t wait to use spotify! Can I please have an invitation? Thanks so much!

  28. Michelle Says:

    ME ME ME! :-) I have been wanting to see what all the fuss is about! Thank you in advance!

  29. Lars Johansson Says:

    Denise & Michelle.
    Start listening!

    Part of what makes Spotify great is the social aspect. If you have friends you want to share playlists with, have them hurry to request an invite too.

  30. Misty Says:

    I would love an invite as well. Thanks, man! You rock!

  31. Brandon Lewis Says:

    I would REALLY appreciate an invite if you have any left. Thanks!

  32. Lars Johansson Says:

    Misty and Brandon. Done!

    Time to zzz in Europe, but keep posting. More invites will be sent out in in the morning.

  33. Brandon Lewis Says:

    Thank you!!!!

  34. Tom Says:

    meeee toooo!!


  35. Gio Alonso Says:

    I wanna give it a go and try it! Any chance you have any spotify invites left?!

  36. Miriam Says:

    Would love an invite–thanks!!

  37. Matt c Says:

    Please send me an invite!

  38. nadine Says:

    am looking forward to using this!

  39. Lauren Says:

    any invites left? please and thank you

  40. Mike Says:

    Please oh please oh please give me an invite!

  41. Con Says:

    May I have an invite please? :)

  42. Jim Says:

    invite me!

  43. Pamela Says:

    <3 thanks for giving out invites!
    I'd love one as well

  44. Jim Says:

    I’d love one as well!

  45. Ange Says:

    I’d love an invite. Thanks!

  46. Amy Says:

    Would love an invite, pls!

  47. Larry Newman Says:

    Please share an invite with me too, for sire I’ll play it & pay it forward.
    Thanks a bunch.

  48. Jon Weinman Says:

    I would greatly appreciate an invite if you can spare it. Thanks so much.

  49. Maulik Says:

    May I have an invite please?

  50. Kate M Says:

    Many thanks in advance for an invite, if you have any left!

  51. Alex Rodriguez Says:

    May I have an invite? Thanks man!

  52. Kate M Says:

    Oops, apologies, I just realized I don’t need one after all, since my beta account still works. Thanks anyhow!

  53. sam Says:

    May i please have an invite? Thanks so much!

  54. Alex Rodriguez Says:

    Ok I have one now, thank you anyway!

  55. Michael Says:

    Thanks mate!

  56. Joan Ross Says:

    Would LOVE try Spotify!

  57. Peter Peterson Says:

    I’d love an invite!!

  58. Sean Says:

    I would love an invite. I’m really excited to finally try Spotify. Thank you!

  59. Olivia Says:

    Thank you so much! This looks amazing…

  60. Olivia Says:

    To clarify, in my previous post I was asking for an invite. If you have any left that would be really awesome. I’ve been searching all day for some way to get one…

  61. Topher Says:

    Would love an invite please – thank you in advance!

  62. Lina Bern Says:

    I would love one, thank you! :) :) :)

  63. Jim Says:

    Looks like an awesome service. I would like an invite too. Thanks!

  64. Dan Says:

    Any more invites left? If so, please send one my way. Thanks!

  65. Jeff Bolton Says:

    Hello, I would love and invite. Thanks

  66. Lars Johansson Says:

    Everyone above have been invited now.

    One e-mail address bounced

    “dozierhn”, check your e-mail address and submit again. :)

  67. Fred Says:

    May I have an invite?

  68. Andrew Laze Says:

    If there is still any, would be great. Thanks

  69. Lars Johansson Says:

    Fred and Andrew. Done!

  70. Alistair Says:

    Would love to try out this service! Cheers!

  71. Max Says:

    An invite would be greatly appreciated> Thanks in advance.

  72. Sara Says:

    Any left? Would love one!

  73. Lars Johansson Says:

    More invites sent out.

  74. raj g Says:

    would like to check it out. thanks.

  75. Rajeev K Says:

    An invite please?

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

  76. Nish VM Says:

    I have heard from friends in Europe Spotify is great. WOuld love to try it out. Thanks for offering!!!

  77. Lars Johansson Says:

    Invited! Enjoy :)

    Remember: these invites don’t work on all markets, unfortunately.

    They’re for USA.

    Spotify checks GeoIP.

  78. Adrian Lopez Says:

    If available, an invite would be lovely. Thanks so much!

  79. Mike Says:

    Would love an invite! My brother overseas wont be able to brag anymore! Thanks!

  80. Anders Stensgaard Says:

    Hi there Lars,

    This is great! I´m not sure if you already sent out your 100 invites, but i´ll try my luck.

    I´d love an invite if you got any more.

    Many thanks in advance.


  81. Lars Johansson Says:


  82. Aditya Vaidyanathan Says:

    If there are any invites left, I would really appreciate one.

    Thanks in advance!
    Can’t wait to get on Spotify!

  83. Anders Stensgaard Says:

    Thanks a lot !!
    Works perfect!

    i´ll tweet, face ect. :)

  84. Castle Says:

    If you have any left I would like an invite. Thanks!

  85. Lars Johansson Says:


    A couple of comments from people who have received invites:

    “I got it and then immediately just paid the $10 per month. Awesome service, thanks!”

    “It took me about 2 hours, and I was convinced to sign up for premium. This beats the other services hands down. I’m rediscovering music I thought I’d never find again.”

  86. sxp16 Says:

    Would love an invite

  87. Henry Says:

    I would love an invite to try it out, if there are any left. Thanks!

  88. Lars Johansson Says:


  89. Barry Fleming Says:

    oh please, oh please…?

  90. Swade Says:

    Would love to test this out, very interested in what you have here! Keep it up!

  91. Steve Racicot Says:

    Looking for a Spotify Invite..

  92. Lars Johansson Says:

    Barry, Swade and Steve. You’re all set now too.

  93. Clare Says:

    Would love an invite if you still have some, thanks!

  94. GioNYC Says:

    Thanks so much Lars!!!! :-)

  95. scott boyle Says:

    any left?

  96. Keith Says:

    Hey, I’m looking to feed my music addiction; do you have any of that cure left?

  97. Keith Says:

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

  98. Greg Says:

    I was wondering if you had any invites left

  99. RamChap68 Says:

    You have drug and i need your non-slacker cure.

  100. Lars Johansson Says:

    Ha ha! All commenters up until now have received the cure.

    And I will try to squeeze out some more invites past 100, so keep ‘em comin’.

  101. Gene Says:

    I would love to try this out

  102. MikeY H Says:

    I’d love an invite

  103. Simon Says:

    I would love an invite if you still have some! Thanks!

  104. jeff marshall Says:

    one more, if u have it

  105. Dorsey Marshall Says:

    I’d like to check it out. Thanks. :)

  106. Lars Johansson Says:

    Done, done, done, done, and done!

  107. Tra Says:

    Would love and invite if you still have any more. Thank you

  108. Matt Says:

    Can you spare an invite? You are awesome!

  109. Tony Says:

    Would love to try this out. Seems awesome!

  110. Mike Says:

    I would love an invite if you have any left. :) Thanks!!

  111. RJ Says:

    I’d love to get new inspiration for my own music. Thanks!

  112. Matthew Says:

    Any more invites? Would love one!

  113. K Says:

    I’d love to try it.

  114. Rj Says:

    Always looking for inspiration for my music. Thanks.

  115. Lars Johansson Says:

    You’re all invited now!

    I still have some invites left..

  116. Matt Says:

    Do you have any more invites?! I would love to try it out. Thanks!

  117. Brett Says:

    Id like to try it out! Thanks!

  118. Seth Says:

    Would love to join the club. Thanks!!

  119. matt Says:

    Id like an invite if you have anymore left! Thanks.

  120. Lars Johansson Says:


  121. Patrick Says:

    I’d love an invite if you have any left. Thanks!

  122. Markus Says:

    I would love to get an invite! Thank you!

  123. Mich Says:

    I would LOVE an invite if you still have some to spare. Thanks so much!

  124. Lars Johansson Says:

    You’re all invited.

    Off to sleep now, folks. If you really can’t wait for me, try to get an invite through my Klout:

  125. john Says:

    hey this looks awsome, can i have an invite?

  126. Castle Says:

    Got it. Thanks again.

  127. Jessica Says:

    May I please have an invite? I’ve been so excited to try it!! Thanks :)

  128. john z Says:

    hey id love an invite, if you still have any?

  129. Adam Says:

    Hello! Any invites available? Thanks!!

  130. David Winograd Says:

    I’d love a Spotify invite..

  131. Paul Says:

    Just heard about Spotify today and a friend directed me here. What serendipitous timing! Now I’m just throwing in fancier-sounding words to impress you in the hopes I can receive a Spotify invite.

  132. Geoff Says:

    Any invites left or is this bogus?

  133. Fernando Says:

    If you have any free Spotify accounts left, I would certainly appreciate an invite.


  134. James Newberry Says:

    Can I get a code? please!!!!

  135. Lars Johansson Says:

    You’re all invited now!

    More ways to get invites:

    My Klout:

    Launch partners and others:

    I know more partners too, but that’s a start.

    I can also still hook you up with an account if you leave a comment.

  136. Lars Johansson Says:

    I have 25 more invites. Comment if you’d like one.


    What Sean Parker has to say about Spotify:

    “Today represents the realization of a dream. I have waited a decade for a music service that could rekindle my excitement about music, the same feeling I had during the brief period of Napster’s existence, when music was freely sharable across the world. Since then I have dreamt of a service capable of recreating that magic while empowering artists to reap the economic benefits of selling their art. Spotify is that service—the one that I have been waiting for.”

    Read his full note:

    You might also get an invite from him:

    The fastest way to start using Spotify now, however, is through my invites. Comment to get one.

  137. Jimmy Says:

    Would love an invite if you have any left. Thanks!

  138. Lars Johansson Says:

    Jimmy, start listening to music! :)

  139. felix Says:

    pleeeeease give me an invite!
    thanks so much!
    you are great!

  140. Laurel Robertson Butler Says:

    Got any Invites left? :)

  141. Lars Johansson Says:

    Laurel and Felix, you should have received invites now.

  142. Chuck C. Says:

    Would LOVE to get an invite if you have any left. Many thank you’s…

  143. Vince Says:

    Still have invites?

    Thanks in advance!

  144. Marc Says:

    Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

  145. CC Says:

    Hi, can i please get one too?

    Thank you!

  146. andy Says:

    if you have any invites left, i would enjoy one thoroughly. thanks!

  147. Rebekah Says:

    Do you have any invites left? I have been waiting for Spotify to come to the US for soooo long!

  148. Hong Says:

    Any left? Much appreciated!

  149. Ashlabee Says:

    Do you have any invites left? I would be forever in your debt — or I could send you a Google+ invite if you don’t have one.

  150. Hong Says:

    Not needed anymore. But thanks.

  151. HKL Says:

    Would love one!

  152. Max Says:

    I would love an invite please! :-)

  153. Mark Says:

    can i please receive an invite? thanks!!

  154. Tim Says:

    Any left? Greatly appreciated.

  155. SJ Says:

    An invite would be much appreciated! Thanks so much.

  156. Chris Says:

    Invite please if you still have some. Thanks in advance.

  157. Nick Boyden Says:

    If you have any invites left it would be greatly appreciated!! I have been searching for a long time now.

  158. Lars Johansson Says:

    You’re all invited now!

    BTW, I am running short now, so I will prioritize those who do not already have an account. If you have an account already I’ll see it when I invite you. I will make sure those who don’t already have an account get one first. Thanks for understanding. :)

  159. Lars Johansson Says:

    Hi all,

    Before you ask me for an invite by e-mail now, first try if you can’t get one instantly from this (should work too):

    I will sleep soon so the above will likely be the fastest. Try it before asking for an invite by e-mail. :)

  160. Ashlabee Says:

    Thanks so much! You’re awesome.

  161. andy Says:


  162. Lars Johansson Says:

    No problem. Keep em comin’, but first try :)

    Oh, and please +1, Like, tweet, and blog this to help others.

  163. Kimberly Says:

    Can I get a Spotify invite please?

  164. Kimberly Says:

    Klout refused me :(

  165. Thomas L Says:

    I’d like an invite if you have any left. Thanks. :)

  166. Lars Johansson Says:


    Next person, try this:

    Go to and enter this coupon code to claim your Spotify account: bkWACLZ7XVFx3eFJ

    If it doesn’t work, comment here and I’ll e-mail you an invite.

  167. Damian Says:

    I would like an invite kind sir!

  168. LeAynne Says:

    Spotify please.


  169. David Says:

    id really be grateful if you sent me an invite i tried the coupon already :)

  170. Stephanie M Says:

    I would like an invite please!

  171. Adam Says:

    Invite please?

  172. Sascha Says:

    Hi Lars,
    the code doesn’t work anymore – could you please send me an invite?

    Thank you!

  173. david Says:

    i would love a invite lars johansson :D

  174. Lars Johansson Says:

    Everyone invited up until now!

  175. Dominic Says:

    i would love an invite!

  176. Sarah Says:

    Spotify me please! :-)

  177. Lars Johansson Says:


    If you didn’t get the invite, check your spam folder.

  178. Cohen Says:

    Invite please? thanks in advance :)

  179. Christine Says:

    Please invite me? Thanks!!

  180. Jim Says:

    Still have some invites? I came from your comment on Kevin Rose’s Google+ posting. Thanks.

  181. Lars Johansson Says:

    Invited! Others: Running short now.. hurry!

  182. Kevin Says:

    Looking for invite!

  183. Sarah Says:

    Any invites left for me..?? Pleaaaaase??

  184. Jennifer Says:

    please, I have known of spotify for a long time now, tried signing up for it with no luck as it wasnt available in the us, I just found out today and couldnt be any more excited !

  185. Lynn Says:

    have any left? I’d like one if you do

  186. Lars Johansson Says:

    Lynn, Sarah, Jennifer, and Kevin–start enjoying Spotify! :)

  187. James In the North Says:


  188. James In the North Says:

    Looking to find out how diverse the library of Spotify is. Please send an invite if you have any left. Thanks!

  189. Lars Johansson Says:

    James, I went to invite you, but it said you already have an account, so I guess you’re already listening to Spotify by now.

  190. Heather J Says:

    Would love to check this out – please send invite :)

  191. David M Says:

    Would love an invite if you still have one available.

  192. Ellen Says:

    Please invite me!

  193. Lars Johansson Says:

    Invitations sent!

  194. Charles Drety Says:

    Would love an invite. Thx

  195. Josh Bolton Says:

    Could I please get an invite if you have any left.


    Josh B.

  196. Lars Johansson Says:

    Invited! :)

    Reminder to all: invites not used within 24 hours will be handed out again.

    Also, spread the word to your friends about the free invites by pressing “Like”, “+1″ or tweeting about it.

    When I invite, Spotify will complain if the invited user already has an account. Therefore I will prioritize invites to those who are not already registered for an account.

  197. DaveD Says:

    Hej Lars! Jag skulle JATTEJARNA vilja ha en inbjudan eftersom jag bor i USA och har vantat i flera ar. hoppas hoppas… :)

  198. DaveD Says:

    ingen fara, jag har aldrig varit registrerad forut… :)

  199. Lars Johansson Says:

    Varsågod, Dave!

  200. jo Says:


  201. TJH Says:

    Great website! I would love an invite.

  202. Michelle Adams Says:

    I would love an invite, if you have any left!!

  203. Lars Johansson Says:

    Jo, TJH and Michelle, you can now create your Spotify account.

  204. Cailin Says:

    would love an invite if there are any left!

  205. Lars Johansson Says:

    Done, enjoy!

  206. Travis Says:

    Would love to have one if you have any still around.

  207. amanda k Says:

    any left? sounds fantastic

  208. Martin Says:

    I would love an invite if you still have one.

  209. Cole Says:

    If you have any left, I would love an invite to Spotify.

    Very nice of you to do this!

  210. Lars Johansson Says:

    Everyone has been invited!

  211. melissa Says:

    am i too late??

  212. Lars Johansson Says:

    Nope, not too late. Check your e-mail for an invite.

  213. Diane Says:

    Me, me! I want one please! :)

  214. Joshua drummond Says:

    Hope its not to late…I would love an invite!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!

  215. Kotha Says:

    its too late 4 me??? D:

  216. Andy Says:

    Is it too late? I hope not, because I’d really love an invite!

  217. Caroline Says:

    I’d love one if you have any left!

  218. Lars Johansson Says:

    Diane, Joshua, Kotha, Andy and Caroline – enjoy!

  219. Dave Says:

    I’d love an invite if you have any left?!?!

  220. Dave Says:

    Thank you!!!

  221. Jasmine Says:

    Hi, I’d love an invite!! Please!

  222. Laura Says:

    Hi … would love an invite if possible!!

  223. Lars Johansson Says:

    You’re welcome, Dave.

    Jasmine and Laura, you have been invited! Make sure to set up your account now since invites do expire.

    Start listening to music the Spotify way now!

  224. Octavio Says:

    Invite pls :D

  225. Rohith Says:

    Could you send me an invite? Thanks
    in advance.

  226. Fluff Says:

    Can be used in this page

  227. Daniel Says:

    I would love an invite!

  228. Moses Ross Says:

    Hi, may I get a US invite? Many thanks!

  229. Lars Johansson Says:

    Daniel and Moses, I tried sending invites, but your e-mail addresses are already registered for accounts.

  230. Jake Shaner Says:

    If possible I would love one please-! Also please!

  231. Ellyn Hefflefinger Says:

    I would love to have an invite, if there are still some available!

  232. Roger Perez Says:

    I would also love to have an invitaion, hugs for free

  233. Christiam Says:

    Spotify Invites
    pls copy the invites to another post and mark the one u took


  234. Lars Johansson Says:

    Sent! Make sure to create accounts right away.

  235. Jasmine M Says:

    Do you have any left? I would love an invite!

  236. Jasmine M Says:

    Woops nevermind-I already have an invite. Thanks anyways!

  237. Craig Roussel Says:

    Would love an invite if still available.

  238. Eli Farrow Says:

    Any invites left? Once I get one, the whole thing is free, right?

  239. dilip patel Says:

    may i have an invite please

  240. Lars Johansson Says:

    Invited! Remember to create your account within 24 hours. :)

  241. Kim Chulis Says:

    Would love an invite, thanks!

  242. Lars Johansson Says:

    Kim, you’re invited!

    Everyone, I have invites left, and there are also some codes from a reader above. Use those at

  243. Forte Says:

    I would like one please!!!!

  244. Lars Johansson Says:

    I see you registered a Spotify account with your e-mail address already. Hope you’re enjoying it!

  245. Alper Kaya Says:

    Hello. May I have an invite please? I’m so tired of searching for one.

  246. Grayson Says:

    Any invites left?? I would love one please. Thanks!

  247. Beul Lard Says:

    Hi, if you have invites still, I would be very VERY happy. Thanks :)

  248. Lars Johansson Says:

    Everyone all set now? :)

  249. Kiran Says:

    Hey !! May I have an invite please…I am longing for one ..:) thanks alot

  250. Craig Rivota Says:

    My I please have an invite? Thank you

  251. Lars Johansson Says:

    Note from blog author: No more Spotify invites for now.

    Everyone who posted above should have a Spotify account though.

    Other ways to get invites:
    My Klout:

    Launch partners and others: